Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love your neighbor . . Day 3

I'm back! And after my last post I have had a chance to ponder this love some more.

This love I talked about in the pervious post, this self-sacrificing love, was truly exemplified by Christ, when he laid down his life for ours. Of course most of us have heard this over and over, but have we really thought about it?

Jesus, Son of God, knew why he had to die. He knew it was to be the ultimate sacrifice, which sounds like it was and easy choice, but I don't think so.

Think about it:
Jesus knew that everyone he was dong this for could not ever live up to his example. Everyone he did this for he knew would not all thank him or even acknowledge that he did it. Everyone he did this for he knew would mess up over and over and over. Even though he knew this and knew that even you and I would struggle with loving others, he still did it. He knew that it was a love that he could share that no one else could. He knew that is was his calling for his life only. He knew that life was not about him and what he wanted and what he could do, but it was about what God wanted to do.

Jesus could have taken all of his gifts, and taken over the world, but he laid it all down for us! This love is what we are called to do! A love that no matter what the cost, live out God's calling! A love that gives, not expecting a "thank you" or even a return favor, but a love given because if the love that has already been shared with us.

What are we going to do, in response to this love?

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