Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love your neighbor. . Day 2

First off, sorry it has been a couple days, but I am going to post reflecting on the last couple days.

During day two, I was kinda of bummed out because I had no great story of doing a love act, but through this struggle I realized that it is not about doing something everyday because then I fall into the trap of feeling guilty when all I really am called to do it love God with everything I've got and love my neighbor as myself.

Maybe sometimes it is not about doing but understanding. During my meditation, I realized that in order to really understand what this "love" looks like and how to live it out, we must understand God more fully.

Upon reflecting on this love, I really feel that love must involve sacrifice. So many times wee feel like we did a god deed when it was so easy for us to do, and probably didn't change our day or situation at all. This Love that God and Jesus are talking about is one of self-sacrifice. This means that you are willing to lay down your plans and time in order to help those who God puts in your life.

I think that when we, as Christians, really pick up on the fact that life is not about us, it is about laying down our life and picking up the cross of Christ. Luke 9:23

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