Tuesday, March 11, 2008


There are things that happen in life that we can only ask why? There are situations and horrible events that leave us with this one question; times in our lives where we feel there are no words but why?

This weeks events were such a time as this. With a fire that takes both parents of two daughters, there are simply no words, but why?

Sometimes in a time like this you hear things like "everything happens for a reason." I believe this to be a terrible answer, and I also don't even believe it to be true. I don't think that God makes things like this happen. I don't believe that God, who is referred to in the Bible as "Love", would hurt His creation which He loves. I do believe that God can take any situation, no matter how terrible and have good come out of it, but I don't think that everything happens for a reason.

Another common attempt is to say that whoever was involved in the event was being punished for a bad life. THIS IS JUST WRONG! The fact that some people feel when you become a Christian that life becomes worldly great is just well...wrong! Now I do believe that when we become a Christian and invite Christ into our hearts that we are given a PEACE and HOPE.

PEACE that we are never alone, and that even though things suck sometimes, God is with us, loving us, always. HOPE that in the end, God does have control, and that He sees a much bigger picture then we will ever know. HOPE that this life, here on earth, is not the end; HOPE that we will meet again...

Each of us, at one time or another, have been through something that to us seemed like our world was over. Each of us have gotten to a point where all we could say was why? Each of us may still be holding on to that moment and have never let it go. May you do that now... May you share your story, and find that you are not only not alone because God is with you, but you are not alone because we each can relate and either are there, were there, or will be there.

Please use this as a safe place to share your "Why" moment(s). Just click add comment and add your story, if you want you can leave your first name (no last names please)


So go ahead, add your story and be a part of a community of healing...


Ed said...

Chris, a good post.

God does not make bad things happen, but bad things do happen. We can be assured that God helps us draw good from things that make us ask why? The fire today is tragic and senseless and will shatter the lives of the family forever and we all will ask why. But I know that God will find a way to use this tragedy for good.

I recently lost a co-worker in a tragic accident. He was in the prime of his life, expecting his first grandchildren and was considering moving closer to his grandkids. Then in one instant, he is gone. His wife, children and all of us who worked with him were all asking why????????????????????????????????????.

It is frustrating because we don't have answers. But I know that because of his death, his family learned what a great man his coworkers and business partners thought he was. Since he was such a humble man, he never told him family of his successes at work, preferring to give credit to others His death brought a bunch of us together and we told stories that helped us and his family celebrate his life and the contributions he made that enriched all of our lives.

My prayer is that the deaths of the parents is the fire today bring together a group of people who can celebrate their lives with their children and the rest of their family. Perhaps family members will hear stories that will bring joy to their heart in a time of great sadness.


Anonymous said...

I started and lived my life like any normal girl. I considered my life to be as normal as could be expected, being the second of five children with paretns who were divorced when I was in second grade.

In fourth grade I was involved in many sports and loved it...... I loved hanging out with guys and being able to play sports like they did. In fifth grade, however, my normal life took an unexpected turn.

I started out that year just like every year in the past, and it stayed that way until about the first week in May. I had gotten very sick and although I wouldn't admit that there was something wrong with me, everyone else could tell that I was not me. I had quit eating, playing sports, riding horses, my grades were dropping, I had pretty much quit living. I tried out for my third year of basketball at school, however I was too sick to complete tryouts.

On May 18, 2005, I was on a fieldtrip at the state park. My dad went with us. He had taken a couple of my friends and myself on a walk around the park. when we were finished, I begged him to take me home. Later that evening, my dad took me to the doctor. I was sent to CMC for many tests. from there they sent me to childrens hospitol in Knoxvillle.

When I was in the er, after having many more tests done, I looked at my father, and with the most calm voice I could I asked what the worst was that doctor kouchekki (excuse the spelling) said could be wrong with me. He looked back at me and said that it was possible that I might have cancer. That was the first time in my life that I ever saw my dad look extremely concerned about something.

The doctor soon came in, and with a deep breath told me that I did in fact have leukemia. I looked back and forth from my mom to my dad, both of whom had tears filling their eyes, and putting on the bravest face I could said, " go figure, I get the worst one on the list". After the doctor left the room I broke down and instantly demanded that my sister be brought to me. It was about 4:30 a.m. Knoxville time, on May 19, 2005, when I was delivered to my first hospitol bed since being born.

To make a long story short, I spent a month in the hospitol, ten days of which were spent in ICU, having different needles and medicines put in my body everyday. I am in the eighth grade now and I am now fully recovered and done with treatments. I would not have been able to do it without my friends, family, and God, by my side the whole time.

Then last year just as things were getting back to normal, I found out that my mom was cooking meth at her house. One day at school, I tried to secretly tell one of my friends when a teacher found out. I ended up telling the police (against my will). She is now in a place called Women at the Well getting help with her problems. This was very hard to do but now that I think back I am gald I did.

My point in telling you this is because these are the two worst moments of my life. I asked myself why when they occurred and to tell you that I never ask why these things happened to me now would be a lie. The thing is that even though things do happen that we will never forget, asking why is something that comes natural with these type of situations. Just remember it is okay to ask why, and it is okay to talk about it (when you are ready). Just remember that there is slways someone who will listen.

Rmember God loves you, and so do we. Whether you realize it or not, you are not the only one who asks why. So next time you ask why remember that you are not alone.


Anonymous said...

We now are beginning to hear some of the answers to our "why" questions. We may still not understand or ever know the full answer. However, we must move on to the "what do we do now" questions. We must surround this family with our prayers, our love, and our support and help them to find the strength that only God can provide through the Holy Spirit and through us. We must do everything in our power to prevent further tragedies caused by the despair and emptiness that this family and their friends feel. They have holes in their hearts bigger than most of us have ever experienced. They most likely feel like their sould and life are leaving them. They are empty. Unfortunately, time will never totally heal them. They will just learn to live with those holes and that emptiness. Diana and Rebecca have lost almost every tangible evidence of their life---all their pictures, scrapbooks, mementos, gifts---it's all gone except what is in their heads. Pray for them now and for a long time in the future as healing will take a very long time. Help them find the way to go on with their lives. Help them feel the Holy Spirit in their lives and the love of God always there to support them no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that God's word in Corinthians 13:8 tells us "Love never dies". That is what I am praying for Rebecca and Diana, that their parents love will always be remembered.
I thank God for the youth and adults of our church and the way you are ministering God's love, comfort and hope to this precious family.

Anonymous said...

I have asked God many times....God I have given up my country, my family, my career to come and serve you. There is only one desire in my heart that I have placed at the your feet: to be a daddy!! Then on November 2000 I was told by a doctor that I cannot have children. People will say, 'oh yes but you can adopt'....hey!! we tried but the baby was taken away from us....well God knows, he has a reason for everything'......I ask myself, did he really has a reason for everything?...I just wanted to be a daddy!!!that's it....through out all these years I know I have got closer to Jesus because I am trying to find my fulfillment only in Him, not in what I get from him, but only in Him.....but Chris sometimes I still cry....and sometimes I still ask God WHY?

Ed said...

Bottom line, if we trust in the Lord everything will turn out all right in the end. That does not mean that we will be rewarded exactly as we want right away. Often we pray or ask someone to pray for us and we are disappointed with the result because we impose our time constraints on God.

He cannot be constrained and He does what He wants to do when He wants to do it. We have to remember that He is God and we are not. God loves us and does what is best for us in the long run. But, He is not into instant gratification.

So, remember, whatever you are going through, God is there with you and He is looking out for your best interests. You also have to remember that God expects you to do your part. If you pray for health and you do nothing to help yourself, you may find your health getting worse rather than better. If you blame that on God, you are not taking responsibility for your own actions, rather you are testing God.

Prayer is not designed to test God, rather it is a conversation with God in a give and take relationship. If you are constantly testing God, then you are trying to make the relationship one sided and to your advantage..............a bad idea.

So, pray for God's help, be patient and do your part. Things will turn out fine in the long run.

Kelly said...

I think there is alot of faith in asking God "Why?" Because suggested within the question is the fact that:
1. You admit there is a God- because if you didn't believe in God you wouldn't be asking God a question
2. You submit that God is in control- you only ask "why" to people who you believe can do something about it or provide an answer
3. You acknowledge that God wants whats good for you (which is why we even ask why when bad things happen because it all seems so contrary to Gods nature.)

I have learned that there is much comfort and hope in even being able to ask "why".