Thursday, January 24, 2008

Teach with your life!

One of the things that we have been focusing on in youth group is how can we live out the scriptures. So each week we take a verse and try to take it deeper and understand it more, and then live it out.

This weeks verse is 1Timothy 4:12 - as posted earlier.

Yesterday, we as a youth group we able to really live this verse out!
Across the parking lot of our church there is a hotel/motel, the Village Inn. This is a place where those who pretty much can't afford anywhere else, go. Of course there are those who you would think that live at a place like this, but there are also many families that live there as well...

One of our church members owns the Village Inn, and has given us a room there that we can renevate for a kids and youth room for those that live there. As you can imagine I was very excited, but we were instructed that a different group at the church was going to fix it up.

Three months had past, and nothing had happened, so I was given the go ahead to organize the youth to go over and paint it. So yesterday that is what we did! The room was a mess, but with a fresh coat of paint it looks a lot better. There is still so much to do, but every youth that helped I know got a new way of looking at this scripture.

We were able to set an example with our lives!
Click here is you would like to see some of the pictures of before and after

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